#HealthBytes: How to get healthy eyebrows, that too at home?

Meera Venugopal
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#HealthBytes: How to get healthy eyebrows, that too at home?
#HealthBytes: How to get healthy eyebrows, that too at home?

10 Jan 2021: #HealthBytes: How to get healthy eyebrows, that too at home?

There are umpteen beauty-related facts online, but the most overlooked topic has to be that of eyebrows.

You'll hardly find any article guiding you toward getting a good pair of eyebrows.

Their right shape can help enhance your overall appearance, but even the slightest glitch can turn things by 360 degrees.

However, did you know you can take care of those easily at home?

Oils: Oils like olive, coconut, and castor help nourish, protect brows

As good as they are for your hair, oils such as olive, coconut, and castor are must-haves when it comes to healthy brows as well.

Gently massage them onto your eyebrows at night and let them seep in and work their magic when you sleep.

While coconut oil helps reduce protein loss, castor oil strengthens hair follicles, and olive oil promotes hair growth.

Moisturize: Just like your face, your brows need hydration too

While most of us habitually moisturize our faces, we might unknowingly skip our brows and that's a big no-no.

Just like our skin, our eyebrows need moisturizing, too.

That's because, this process hydrates the eyebrows, thus giving them a healthy appearance.

You can either dab your face moisturizer over your eyebrows or use the above-mentioned oils for that much-needed nourishment.

Upkeep: Remove strays once a week, but not when confused

In between those salon appointments, when you see those tiny extras growing in, carefully pluck your brows with the help of a tweezer in a well-lit area.

While doing so, follow your brow line but never pull a stray out of confusion.

It is always better to leave it as it is than to end up with visibly uneven eyebrows.

Products: Use eyebrow products and pencils of good brands for fullness

Powders meant specifically for eyebrows are the best deal when it comes to giving those curved lines a fuller look.

Pencils also come in handy when you are looking to fill in those sparser areas and scars.

Further, it is important that you invest in good brands, because the area around the eyes and eyebrows tends to be pretty sensitive.

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