#HealthBytes: Five superfoods for ensuring your bones remain strong

Meera Venugopal
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#HealthBytes: Five superfoods for ensuring your bones remain strong
#HealthBytes: Five superfoods for ensuring your bones remain strong

04 Apr 2021: #HealthBytes: Five superfoods for ensuring your bones remain strong

Childhood and early adulthood are extremely important when it comes to building strong bones.

This is because the maximum bone mass is attained by the time we hit 30, and over the years, the bones can become fragile, weak, and porous if they are not strong.

Here are some superfoods that are rich in nutrients and minerals and thus, contribute toward healthy bones.

Yogurt: Yogurt strengthens the bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition where a person has weak and fragile bones.

It is common in elderly people across the world.

Studies have proved that regular consumption of yogurt helps in building strong bones and prevents osteoporosis.

One study has, in fact, concluded that women who regularly ate yogurt had better bone density and a lesser cortical bone loss than those who did not.

Cheese: Cheese is good for bones, but consume in limitation

Cheese is loaded with calcium and helps in maintaining healthy bones so that they don't become fragile and porous over the years.

However, cheese should be consumed in limitation as it is also rich in sodium and fats, and too much of it can have adverse health effects.

If you opt for non-fat cheese, make sure that it is fortified with fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin D.

Nuts, seeds: Nuts, seeds contain nutrients that are crucial for bone health

In addition to calcium, nuts contain protein, phosphorus, and magnesium as well, which contribute to strong bones.

There is a wide array of nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and pecans that make a healthy addition to the diet.

Seeds like chia, flax, and pumpkin are also healthy options. Similar to nuts, they also contain nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous that build healthy bones.

Greens: Leafy greens are rich source of vitamin K, calcium

Since leafy greens have many health benefits, they should be made a part of your daily diet, especially if you don't consume dairy products.

Green leafy vegetables are also a rich source of vitamin K along with calcium that help in the bolstering of bones.

A cup of cooked spinach is estimated to supply 20-25% of the daily calcium requirement of an adult.

Fatty fish: Fatty fish contains vitamins essential for bone health

Vitamin D is best obtained by exposing our bodies to sunlight. However, adding fatty fish to the diet will also help in getting some amount of vitamin D that is required by our body.

Salmon, tuna, and rainbow trout are some varieties of fish that contain vitamin D.

Sardines are also rich in calcium and vitamin D both of which are essential for bone mass.