#HealthBytes: Exercises that can help in improving your stamina

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#HealthBytes: Exercises that can help in improving your stamina
#HealthBytes: Exercises that can help in improving your stamina

03 Jan 2021: #HealthBytes: Exercises that can help in improving your stamina

Lack of stamina is not uncommon, but with the current pandemic situation, it has worsened due to the lack of movement.

One of the best ways to boost your stamina is regular exercise.

Now, this may be the last thing on your mind when you are low on energy, but it is necessary.

Here are some exercises that you should try.

Climbing stairs: Take the stairs daily instead of elevators

Stamina building exercises don't have to be some heavy gym workouts. It can be as simple as climbing stairs daily.

This activity strengthens your bones and muscles because steps are at an inclined angle, which causes the heart muscles to pump more oxygen to all parts of the body.

So, say bye-bye to the elevators once in a while to improve your stamina levels.

Walking: Go for a walk as often as you can

Walking is a great way to boost stamina. Plus, it doesn't require any equipment except for walking shoes.

There are many options available for this activity. You can walk on a track, a street, a treadmill, or in a mall.

Just remember to match the intensity of your walking with your fitness level.

This exercise can be performed by people with joint problems, too.

Jumping jacks: Jumping jacks will work your muscles, lungs, and heart

To perform jumping jacks, stand with your arms beside you and your legs kept together.

Then, jump and spread your legs at a distance that is equal to the width of your shoulders. At the same time, stretch your arms over your head. Jump again and return to the starting position.

Doing this exercise 10-20 times will work your muscles, lungs, and heart.

Cycling: Cycling is a stamina-boosting cardio workout

Cycling is a good cardio workout that can easily boost your stamina.

Riding uphill can help in building strength, short sprints can develop your speed, and cycling at a steady rate for a long time can improve your endurance. Even doing intervals is also a great way to target heart rate.

Therefore, no matter what way you choose, cycling will be always effective.

Swimming: Swimming is a great option for people with joint pains

While this might not be an ideal way in this pandemic, when you get the chance, go for a swim.

Swimming and doing laps 2-3 times a week can improve lung function and allow you to breathe easily. Additionally, this activity can enhance the flexibility of your muscles.

The buoyancy of the water makes water activities a good option for people with joint pains.

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