#HealthBytes: What are the benefits of using bath salts?

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#HealthBytes: What are the benefits of using bath salts?
#HealthBytes: What are the benefits of using bath salts?

11 Jan 2021: #HealthBytes: What are the benefits of using bath salts?

Just like how the right amount of salt amps up any dish, bathing salts have their own benefits, too.

Adding these salts is a great way to eliminate toxins from the body and soothe aching muscles.

If a warm, relaxed, salt bath in a tub with scented candles isn't convincing enough, here are a few more reasons why you should soak in the goodness.

Relaxing: Relaxes tense muscles and eases muscle pain

Epsom salt, one of the top bath salts, has numerous nutrients like magnesium and sulfate.

Adding this to your bath helps relax tense muscles around the shoulders, neck, and back. It eases muscle pain too.

Add 2 tbsp of Epsom salt to warm water and mix well till it dissolves.

Add this to warm, running water, and soak for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Immunity: Boosts immunity and helps in reducing fatigue

Regular use of bath salts also increases the anti-inflammatory response in our body, which is essential to ward off diseases.

The magnesium present in the salts helps in re-energizing the body that in turn reduces fatigue.

Pamper yourself with a salt bath at least for 15 minutes, twice or three times a week, to lower inflammation, reduce body aches and swelling.

Sleep: Reduces insomnia, elevates mood, helps you sleep as well

Magnesium is an essential nutrient that helps to calm our mind and body.

When the body is deficient in the element, it leads to lower serotonin levels, which in turn affects sleep and appetite.

The magnesium present in the salts helps produce serotonin, which elevates the mood and helps you sleep as well.

Studies prove that regular exposure to bath salts also reduces insomnia.

Skin: Hydrates the skin and decreases inflammation

Epsom salts can exfoliate dead skin and remove impurities, leaving your skin healthy and soft.

Make a scrub of the salt by mixing it with water.

Gently apply the mixture onto your face in gentle, circular movements. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash off.

Individuals with skin conditions should, however, consult a doctor before using it in concentrated amounts.

Feet: Trust bath salts to leave your feet happy

While it is a known fact to use salts during a pedicure, what you may not be aware of is that soaking the feet in salt water relieves itching and heals the feet in a quicker way.

Other benefits include removing fungal infections, softening cracked heels, and removing splinters.

Regular use of Epsom salts also helps treat athlete's foot and ingrown toenail infections.

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