#HealthBytes: How to benefit from a standing desk

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#HealthBytes: How to benefit from a standing desk
#HealthBytes: How to benefit from a standing desk

21 Jul 2021: #HealthBytes: How to benefit from a standing desk

Standing desks are becoming highly popular and improve your health as well as productivity. A few such desks can be adjusted between standing and sitting; they are considered a good investment especially for those who have desk jobs. This article provides you with some quick tips that can help you benefit from a standing desk by minimizing its negatives.

Adjustment: Adjust the desk height and computer screen position

A right desk height and screen position is key to avoiding injuries to your neck, back and wrists. Adjust the standing desk so that while standing, your elbow forms 90 degrees. Next, adjust the screen position such that it is kept at least 25 inches away from your face. Lastly, position the screen to your eye level in order to avoid straining your neck.

Arm support: Use arm support to reduce pressure on the wrist

An arm support is an excellent ergonomic solution to reduce the pressure on the wrist while operating the mouse. In addition, they also help in reducing the risk of neck and shoulder injuries on the dominant hand. Further, using an arm support while sitting or standing at your desk aids in better posture and reduces your tendency to slouch at the desk.

To help: Anti-fatigue mats are a boon, so get one

Anti-fatigue mats are a boon for those who have to stand for long hours. These mats work to increase blood flow, reduce discomfort and also encourage subtle movements of leg muscles. Supporting this fact, in a certain study, participants who used anti-fatigue mats reported less fatigue and tiredness than those who didn't while standing for two hours. Anti-fatigue mats also help prevent lower backache.

Alternate: Finally, alternate between sitting and standing at the desk

It is not good to stand for long hours as it can put a strain on the legs. For optimal comfort and energy, studies suggest that a ratio of 1:1 sitting versus standing time is ideal and does not affect productivity. This means that for every half an hour you spend standing, take a break and then sit for the next half an hour.

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