#HealthBytes: 7 hair care tips for men

Sagar Malik

#HealthBytes: 7 hair care tips for men

25 May 2019: #HealthBytes: 7 hair care tips for men

A lot of men tend to take their hair health for granted.

Hair-care is a widely ignored aspect of men's grooming. However, it's not a wise habit.

Not paying attention to your hair health will lead to roughness and hair fall, which are obviously quite undesirable.

Here are 7 hair care tips for men to score stronger and healthier hair.

Tips #1,2: Use a natural shampoo; Start using a conditioner

Shampoo: Picking up the first shampoo bottle that comes to sight, while strolling in the mall won't do. Look out for good-quality, natural shampoos containing ingredients such as wheat-protein, amino acids, and essential vitamins.

Conditioner: Unfortunately, shampoo alone won't do much good. A little extra effort, in the form of a conditioner, helps wash away oil and grime, and provides moisture to hair.

Tips #3,4: Avoid over-washing; Stay away from heat damage

Avoid over-washing: Using the shampoo every time you take a shower? Not a great idea. Over-washing dries out your hair, by depleting the natural oils from the scalp, which will further hinder healthy hair growth.

Stay away from heat damage: Cut down or better off, eliminate the use of hair dryers for drying or styling, as the heat can eventually weaken your hair.

Tips #5,6: See your barber more often; Be gentle with your hair

Regularly visit your barber: Stop delaying that impending trip to the barber. It is advisable to get a haircut every 2-3 weeks (subject to your hair length) to maintain good hair health.

Go gentle: Defy man stereotypes, and go gentle on your hair. Rub the towel gently, and comb slowly. Doing these acts hastily and powerfully are rather harmful for your hair.

Fact: Tip #7: Use only natural hair products

Check the ingredients of gels, waxes, oils, or any other hair product you use. Avoid the ones that contain harmful chemicals, as they'll make your hair dry and rough. Instead, go for natural products that actually improve your hair health.