Health Ministry briefs on oxygen supply & transportation amid oxygen crisis

Amidst the massive healthcare crisis that India is witnessing, Health Ministry briefed the nation over the chain of transmission and oxygen crisis. Health Ministry in their briefing stated that it is important to follow COVID19-appropriate behaviour to break the chain of transmission. ‘There should not be atmosphere of fear’, said the Heath Ministry. In the latest news, Indian Air Force has helped in airlifting tankers and transporting them. Oxygen Express by Railways are also contributing. Real time tracking of tankers is being done, assured the Health Ministry. India is ordering oxygen tankers from abroad on a purchase or hiring basis. The transportation of oxygen tankers is a major challenge. Using real-time tracking, we are monitoring the movement of oxygen tankers, added the Health Ministry. The Ministry of Health also assured that ‘We are constantly in touch with tanker service providers, efforts are on to save every lives. I want to assure everyone that we have required oxygen, the challenge is transportation’.