Health benefits of red wine

Getting healthy needn't be boring. Make that bottle of red work for you

Here are some health benefits of red wine.

1. It protects you from various cancers

Red win contains an antioxidant called resveratrol. It’s said to destroy malignant cancer cells and protect your normal cells

From the harmful effects of cancer-causing radiation

2. It improves heart health

Aside from resveratrol red wine also has another antioxidant, quercetin. Resveratrol protects the inner linings of the heart’s blood vessels. This reduces the risk of blood clots and improves cardiovascular functions. Quercetin reduces oxidative stress prevents inflammation and regulates blood pressure.

3. It prevents Type-2 diabetes

Resveratrol helps prevent Type-2 diabetes. It also helps prevent spikes in blood sugar levels

4. It helps fight obesity

Red wine contains piceatannol which helps fighting weight gain. Piceatannol can prevent growth of fat cells and can also destroy them in the early stages.

5. It increases your lifespan

Antioxidants in red wine can boost our lifespan, studies say. Red wine can potentially enhance one’s longevity by as much as 60% and can increase your energy levels

So what’s stopping you?