Head Full of Hair: This 7-Month-Old Baby’s Hair Are Toddler Goals

Totes Adorbs!

The video of a 7-month-old baby is going viral, and for all the right reasons. Baby Theo has been blessed with more than his fair share of ‘good-hair.’ Just look at that! He could play Mufasa if there were ever a remake of The Lion King with toddlers.

You might be wondering if this is even real. Well, the answer is, YES, GUYS! This is NOT a wig, this baby has 100% real hair.

TV show host, Ellen DeGeneres, shared the video of Theo being interviewed by his mom. Theo even makes some adorable gurgling sounds when his mom asks him how old he is.

Ellen captioned the video with a prediction for Theo’s future: He’s got a full head of hair and a bright future as the lead singer of a band.

Sounds about right, Ellen.