Guinness World Record's heaviest avocado grown in Hawaii, weighing in over 5 pounds

The Pokini family won the Guinness World Record for heaviest avocado weighing 5.6 pounds

Holy Guacamole! Millennials everywhere have a reason to freak out because the world’s heaviest avocado was found in Hawaii.

While average avocados weigh about six ounces, the Pokini family from the island of Maui received the Guinness World Record last week for an avocado weighing 5.6 pounds, according to The Maui News. Now, that’s a lot of avocado toast.

Mark and Juliane Pokini and their son, Loihi, submitted their avocado to be weighed last December, so when the news came that they were granted the certificate it was cause for celebration.

Video: Hawaii Family Earns Guinness Record for Massive Avocado

“We were excited ... But at the same time, we were like, finally. It was such a long wait,” Juliane Pokini told the outlet.

The Hawaii family submitted a similar avocado — actually weighing one ounce more — in early 2018. But because of a fault in paperwork, the family was denied the top spot.

Pokini family weighing the heaviest avocado

This time around they were ultra thorough. They acquired input from a certified expert gardener, two forms completed by witnesses, a state-certified scale, photographs, video and other documentation, according to AP.

The Pokini’s avocado tree is 10 years old and stands 20 feet tall. Using a seed from his brother-in-law’s tree, Mark planted the record-breaking tree when his son was born.

5.6-pound avocado

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