From hawai chappal to hawai jahaz, PM Modi wants to see a slipper-wearing commoner board a plane!

PM Modi, who addressed a Parivartan rally at Shimla's historic Ridge today, wants to see a common man wearing a chappal on ground to ride a plane.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today flagged off the first UDAN flight under the regional connectivity scheme on Shimla-Delhi route.

He flagged off a low-cost subsidised service also on two other routes.

Addressing a Parivartan rally at Shimla's historic ridge later, he said, "I have lived in poverty and hardly required to study its definition. I am well aware of the pangs of penury".


"I want to see a common man wearing a chappal on the ground to ride a plane. UDAN is for people who want to travel long distances at cheaper prices. To fly under UDAN, one will be required to spend Rs 6 per km. This will be cheaper than the taxis," Modi said .

Associating with the poor, Modi said that having been born in a poor family, he was aware about their problems. The Prime Minister also said that the fuelwood smoke was killing dozens of rural women, who lacked resources to buy LPG stove and gas cylinders.

Modi said that he would continue to work for the common people. He said that besides providing clean fuel (LPG) to the poor, his government was also working hard to provide affordable health services to the common man.

"There were 700 generic medicines and the price of each medicine was Rs 300. Now the same medicines are available at Rs 30. Similarly, other medical equipment costing over Rs 1.5 lakh has now been made available at Rs 24,000 through Janaushdhi Kendras," Modi said.

Modi also reminded the people about the demonitisation drive and how it benefitted the people.


Sounding the poll bugle for assembly election due in Himachal in November, Modi attacked the ruling Congress government and said that the cool breeze which started from Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and now from New Delhi had reached the hill state and that he now wanted the people here to vote for an honest government.

"The chief minister is not spending time with the common people but with lawyers. Should not we change a government like this," Modi asked.

Going down memory lane, Modi publicly acknowledged how Shimla's journalists paid his coffee bills when he visited the city as the state's BJP in-charge till 2002.

BJP held this Parivartan rally with an eye on the upcoming assembly election. Shimla's scheduled air connectivity project had been in the pipeline since 2012. By introducing two UDAN flights between Shimla and New Delhi, the Modi government has tried to connect with the common people, businessmen and the travel industry, which suffered a lot during the last four years.

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