Are You Having Enough Sex With Your Partner? Here’s How Getting Cosy Can Boost Your Mental Health

Tania Tarafdar

When life gets in the way, sex tends to move to the back burner. But getting cosy between the sheets is the best thing you can do when you are burning the candle at both ends and starting to fray. Think for yourself. If there is anything that ever made you utter "this is heaven", it probably is sex. And if you have not been living under rocks, you know that sex is great for your physical health too. Here’s why you should have more sex.

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Moving Your Body Can Dissolve Stress

You know that the stress hormone cortisol activates your flight or fight hormone. Moving your body up and down can help manage your cortisol levels. So when you are having sex, you can get rid of some of the stress while simultaneously activating your pleasure points. How to Enjoy Sex in Your Old Age: Tips for Having Pleasurable Intercourse After Menopause

Focussing On Sensations Helps You Stay In the Present

Your skin is the biggest sex organ. Your partner helps you counteract anxiety when they play with your sensations. Did you ever feel stressed when you were mid climax? No right? So focus on your sensations as much as you can, and you will forget what ails you.

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Quickies Help You Leave the Pain Behind

Having a quickie a few times during the day can help you forget about the stressors of life for a while. Getting intimate can be a great way to trigger your brain to send blood flow to places that make you feel excited and happy. How to Clean Your Penis After Sex – Sexual Hygiene for Men

The Surge of Hormones Stimulates Positive Feelings

When you are in the act, there is a surge of certain hormones that makes you feel good. One of them is dopamine that is connected to the circuits in your brain that gives you a positive feeling. Yoga for Sex: Learn How to Improve Your Libido With Asanas

Hugging and Cuddling Suppresses Depressive Feelings

Besides increasing the production of feel-good chemicals, sex can also raise levels of oxytocin, a powerful hormone that makes you want to hug and cuddle. Oxytocin can be like an antidote to depressive feelings. It can help beat any signs of depression or anxiety.

Sex can act like a temporary escape from the stresses of everyday life. Sure there is a lot to focus on the act itself, like how should you move to please your partner or how should you express yourself. But sex can feel extremely stress-relieving. If you find your mind wander to your daily anxieties, try to concentrate on every little physical sensation you are experiencing. What better way to practice mindfulness than sex?