Have fun while getting fit

Divya Sudarsanan

Now, there’s a sentence that is sure to raise an eyebrow. It’s true. Who says exercise has to revolve around a set of mundane machines and weights? The road to fitness has not always been a pleasant one, especially for those who don’t consider it a lifestyle choice.

It is perhaps, because of this, a number of fitness centers have introduced programmes that don’t necessarily involve the treadmill or the elliptical machine; instead, the focus is on clubbing fun and fitness. Take, for instance, the fitness programme called Zumba, which involves burning those calories by simply dancing.

Zumba started off as Latin-inspired dancing that quickly morphed into a fitness phenomenon across the globe, which was based on word-of-mouth, and not by celebrity endorsements. Celebrities that hopped onto the zumba bandwagon include Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Michelle Geller among others.  This dance-fitness programme burns calories whilst working on your arms, core and legs simultaneously, and more importantly, you have a blast while exercising. If group dancing is not your thing, rent or buy Zumba DVDs and get fit in the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience.

Another hot favourite has been Aqua Aerobics — a water-based aerobic workout. Looking for something that’s not set up in a gym-like environment? Check out Hyper Monkey fitness that recreates a playground replete with an obstacle course, jungle gym and monkey bars.