Hathras case: Upper Caste Panchayat change the narrative, calls the case an ‘Honour Killing’

The Upper Caste Panchayat has passed on an appalling comment. They have deemed the Hathras gangrape as ‘Honour Killing’ and have gone ahead and blamed caste politics as gangrape charges. They have shifted the entire narrative of this case.

A member of the Panchayat states that caste politics have led to the false charges of three innocent men who were not involved in the case. In fact, he says, one of them tried to provide water to the victim as witnessed by the accused’s mother. He further adds that he is impressed with the UP police and is waiting for CBI to probe. He says that she’s not just a Dalit’s daughter, but the entire nation’s and the responsible person must be detained. However, he adds, “If the wrongfully accused are sentenced too, we will go on a protest.”