Hathras accused was 'frustrated' at victim's 'changed behavior,' claims CBI

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Hathras accused was
Hathras accused was

21 Dec 2020: Hathras accused was 'frustrated' at victim's 'changed behavior,' claims CBI

The Central Bureau of Investigation's charge-sheet, filed in connection to the Hathras gang-rape and murder case, says that one of the accused, Sandeep, was "frustrated" after the 19-year-old woman rebuffed him.

The "change in their relationship," said the premier investigating agency, "aggravated his feelings," an IE report stated.

Four men are in judicial custody since their arrest in September.

Here are more details.

Charge-sheet: Victim and Sandeep had a love affair, claimed CBI

According to the charge-sheet, the victim and Sandeep lived close to one another and became acquainted two to three years ago. This slowly became a "love affair."

CBI said they used to meet in isolated places and this fact was seconded by many locals in the Uttar Pradesh village.

Sandeep had three phone numbers and frequent calls were made to a number of victim's family.

Quarrel: Both the families fought over phone calls

Further, CBI added that once the family of the victim learned about the phone calls between her and Sandeep, they fought with the latter's kin.

"This incident was witnessed by several villagers... Subsequently, the victim's father also made an oral complaint to (the pradhan's son) about the phone calls made by the accused to the victim, as confirmed by witnesses," the charge-sheet added.

Relationship: CBI believes their relationship was in good form till March

The CBI also believes that Sandeep and the victim's relationship was strong till March 2020.

Between October 2019 and March 2020, there were short duration (signal) calls from the victim's side to Sandeep and longer duration calls the other way. This was concluded by analyzing the call detail records, said the charge-sheet.

Post that, no calls were made from the victim's side to Sandeep.

Series of events: Sandeep assumed the victim was having affair with another

It was after their families figured out that Sandeep tried reaching out to the victim through different numbers after March 20 that their relationship soured, added CBI.

The investigating agency claimed Sandeep asked another person to call the victim's family's number and hold a conference call.

The charge-sheet went on to claim that Sandeep thought the victim was having an affair with someone else.

Fact: His feelings were hurt, claimed CBI

"During the examination, (the person) also stated that the victim was avoiding accused Sandeep and his mobile calls for some time. Because of her changed behavior, Sandeep was in frustration. This change in their relationship aggravated the feelings of accused Sandeep," read the charge-sheet.

Statement: Rejecting claims, victim's brother said Sandeep, deceased had no connection

Asked about these findings, the victim's brother rubbished claims of any association between the deceased and Sandeep.

"He had obtained our number from somewhere and would make prank calls, pretending to be someone else. A couple of missed calls as well. Besides that, no calls had been exchanged," he said.

He claimed the entire village was up in arms against the bereaved family.

Indictment: UP police mentioned only one accused, revealed CBI

CBI's charge-sheet also mentions that though she named three people in her September 19 statement, the Uttar Pradesh police included only one accused in the document.

The charge-sheet also added that the medical examination conducted at Aligarh Mulsim University (AMU) stated there was no vaginal/anal intercourse.

But injuries on the neck and back were mentioned in the Department of Forensic Medicine's report, said CBI.

Conclusions: An AIIMS team hadn't ruled out sexual assault

After CBI took charge, a Multi-Institutional Medical Board (MIMB) of the Forensic Department in AIIMS was created, which said sexual assault was possible.

"The possibility of sexual assault can't be ruled out as minimal bleeding was detected microscopically after one week of assault as alleged in case. However, pattern of injuries sustained during an incident of sexual violence may show considerable variation," MIMB said.

Details: CBI's probe discloses lax attitude of UP police

CBI's charge-sheet, which books Sandeep and three others under IPC Sections 376 (rape), 376 (D) (gang-rape), 302 (murder), and relevant Sections of the SC/ST Act, reveals UP police's lax attitude toward this heinous crime.

To recall, the victim, who was raped on September 14 and died a fortnight later in Delhi, was cremated in the dead of the night by cops, sparking massive outrage.