Haters Tell Priyanka Chopra Not To Return To India

Maggie Davis
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Haters Tell Priyanka Chopra Not To Return To India

Are haters looking for any reason to criticize Priyanka Chopra on social media?

Looks like there are some who constantly look out how they can criticize global icon Priyanka Chopra on social media platform. When she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing a short dress (which was an impromptu meet) some of her followers on social media trolled the diva saying she should have had rather worn an Indian outfit and not any knee-length dress. Right now some of the haters have gone to an extreme saying that PeeCee should not return to India because she wore a tricolor dupatta around her neck on Independence Day and insulted the Indian flag.

Priyanka Chopra who is busy with her projects in the West, posted a boomerang video on this Independence Day in which she is seen wearing a tricolor dupatta. While posting the video she captioned it saying, “Independence Day #Vibes #MyHeartBelongsToIndia #happyindependencedayindia #jaihind”. There were some who loved what she wore and how she showed her love for the country but there were some of her followers who accused her for disrespecting the National Flag.

One of the followers commented, “Don’t you have a salwar-kameez for this occasion”. There was one who even told Priyanka Chopra, “Please don’t return to India again”. Looks like many had issues with the desi girl for not opting a saree. There was another comment that read, “At least on this auspicious day, you were expected in a sari.” Despite of such comments, there were some who even supported the actress and gave a befitting reply to the trollers.

One of them said, “Guys, get a life!! What you wear does not reflect your patriotism!! Do something worthwhile than telling people what to wear. Who are we to judge on people’s wardrobe choices. Importantly, she does not have to prove her patriotism. Patriotism is certainly NOT jingoism and beating or trolling anyone who does not subscribe to YOUR idea of patriotism!!”