'Hate content against religious minorities rampant in school textbooks across Pakistan'

Islamabad, Oct. 25 (ANI): Textbooks used in Pakistan's schools include factual errors and hate content, which fuels the increasing levels of intolerance and extremism in the society, according to education experts.

According to the experts, the government, civil society, education experts and citizens need to contribute to a serious process of curriculum and textbook reform to help combat the growing levels of intolerance and violence towards minority groups in society, reports the Daily Times.

These views were presented by the experts during a discussion on curriculum development and textbook reform in Pakistan, organised by the Jinnah Institute in collaboration with the National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) in Islamabad.

"We need to find a balance between civil society and government initiatives so that important and innovative solutions to curriculum-related issues can be implemented," said Raza Rumi, Director of Policy and Programmes at the Jinnah Institute.

Peter Jacob, NCJP Executive Director, said such material not only negatively impacts the minds of the majority Muslim students, but also harms the education and growth of non-Muslim students. (ANI)