Hasan Minhaj Uses Own Netflix Show To Call Out Islamophobia in Netflix's 'Bodyguard'

Hasan Minhaj was named one of the 100 most influential people by Time magazine this year.

US based Indian origin comedian Hasan Minhaj's new show, Patriot Act on Netflix packs a punch in every episode. The episodes are thematic and often revolve around any one issue such as 'affirmative action', 'Amazon', 'Saudi Arabia' and more. However, this time while talking about US's obsession with oil production, Minhaj may have crossed a line after making a joke on Netflix itself.

While making a comment on President Donald Trump's Secretary of Internal, Ryan Zinke, whom he accused of exploiting federally protected lands while at the same time claiming to protect it, Minhaj did not shy away from taking a dig at the streaming giant. He compared Zinke's obsession with former US President Theodore Roosevelt to Netflix's drama thriller series 'Bodyguard', a show based on a war veteran's struggle to protect a politician from her enemies.

“You can’t idolize Teddy Roosevelt and destroy the environment ... That’s like Netflix having the first Muslim talk show host and Bodyguard. Stay woke, Netflix!", Minhaj said on stage to loud cheers from the audience.

That's not all. The comic went on to explain why he had a problem with Bodyguard:

"Bodyguard is good though, right? It’s so good, you almost forget about the Islamophobia. You still taste it though, a little bit. ‘Why does he have to be so close to the bomb?’ But the drama is so gripping," Minhaj said.

The clip has now become viral on social media with many complimenting the comic on his bravery. Minhaj has been in the limelight ever since he gave his explosive speech at the correspondent's dinner at the White House against in 2017. And even this time, netizens and fans applauded him for standing up to his Netflix, despite using its platform for his own show.