Haryana: Murder mystery solved after 10 months, wife kills businessman husband for lover

Ten years after his murder, police today arrested plywood businessman Yogesh Batra's wife, her lover and two aides for killing him.

Karnal Police today arrested a woman, her lover and two accomplices for the murder of her husband, a Haryana based plywood manufacturer, putting an end to ten month old murder mystery.

Plywood manufacturer Yogesh Batra was found dead under mysterious circumstances on May 27, 2016. His parents had hired a personal investigator to look into the cause of death.

Investigations revealed that Yogesh's wife Priyanka had joined a local fitness centre where she came close to gym trainer. When he questioned her, she denied his claims.

"They would quarrel and had a strained relationship. Once she had attacked him with the photo frame glass. My son was admitted to a hospital. He had told me about Priyanka's relationship with Rohit and was apprehensive that both will kill him one day. His body had turned blue after his death. I always suspected that there was something wrong," Yogesh's father Subhash Batra said.

Yogesh's father submitted the evidence collected by the investigator to the police on September 14, 2016 and a complained was registered against Priyanka and Rohit in Jagadhari police station.

The police have arrested the two acussed, who have confessed to the crime. They were assisted by two others Sonu Singh, a pharmacist at a private hospital and one Satish KumarTHE CRIME

According to police reports, Priyanka wanted to kill Yogesh with a sedative which is why she hired Sonu and Satish, but the plan failed as the needle broke during the crime. They then suffocated Yogesh to death.

Priyanka had transferred the business in her name before killing Yogesh.

Four of them are undergoing investigation at present.