Harshdeep Kaur on self-isolation: I am creating music

A. Kameshwari
Harshdeep Kaur on coronavirus scare and self isolation

Harshdeep Kaur asked fans to stay home and stay safe. (Photo: Harshdeep Kaur/Instagram)

Singer Harshdeep Kaur recently took over The Indian Express' Facebook page to spread awareness about coronavirus. She also spoke about the importance of social distancing and self-isolation.

Here are excerpts from the live chat:

On coronavirus

It is a very deadly virus. We should not take it lightly. The worst part is that a person who is the carrier of the virus has no idea about it until 14 days. So, it is possible for the carrier to unintentionally pass on the virus to others around them. So, self-isolation is the only way to stop the spread.

On social-distancing

Social distancing is very important because that is the only way you can stop the spread.

On what she is doing during self-isolation

My body is fully rested as I am getting good sleep. I am taking care of myself and eating healthy. In fact, thanks to technology, we are able to do so much at home. You can watch movies, series and documentaries. Read books, enlighten yourself and work on your art.

I am making music from home. I am working on new compositions, practising and making the most of this time. I FaceTime with a few music producers to work and share ideas. I recorded a shabad and I will soon post a lyrical too. So, I am making sure to work on myself.

I am learning to cook new recipes from YouTube and my mother-in-law. Also, talking with with old friends about college and school days..

On curfew in Punjab

It is a very good move. Even if the government is not implementing a curfew, stay home and work from home. Make sure to keep yourself and others sanitised. Even if you are taking a milk packet, make sure you wash it well because it might carry the virus.

Message for fans

Please take care. Stay home. Stay sanitised. Learn something new.

Message to TikTok users

You have a great audience. Please make informative videos for them. Educate your audience through your creativity, which will help in awareness. Even celebrities and influencers should do their bit. I am doing mine.