Harry Potter 'Dementor' figure spotted in skies over South Africa [VIDEO]

Nupur Jha
dementor, Harry Potter, strange cloud,

A bizarre phenomenon has been spotted in Kitwe, a city in Zambia located in Southern Africa.

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A strange dark humanoid shaped cloud was seen in the skies of Kitwe above Mukuba Mall. This phenomenon is being compared to the 'Dementors' present in the flick Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

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A Dementor can be described as a negativity spreading humanoid figures which duct out positivity, peace, happiness and hope. Defined as one of the foulest to inhabit in this world, dementors feeds on a person and leaves them with their worst experiences.

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dementor, Harry Potter, strange cloud,

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According to media reports this mysterious cloud was around 100 metres (330ft) long. Also referred to as a "demon", this structure reportedly remained in the sky for around half an hour.

Reports state that this phenomenon triggered fear among the local people some of whom even ran away from the spot where it appeared. Some are said to consider this as a sign of God.

"We were shocked to see images that looked like a human in the clouds for close to 30 minutes. Some started worshipping but others ran away. It was so strange," a witness stated as quoted by Daily Mail.

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This image did rounds on the internet and people on Twitter started Tweeting about it too. Check out some tweets regarding the same:

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But some people including alien hunters and conspiracy theorists claim that this is a photoshopped image and the entire news about sighting a Dementor in the skies of Kitwe is just a hoax. 

Twitter/ Dennis 'Kidd' Banda

Watch video:

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