Harry 'most popular boys' names of 2012'

London, December 12 (ANI): The name Harry has topped the list of most popular boys' names of 2012 while Catherine - the Duchess of Cambridge's name - has risen 21 places in the girls' list, according to new figures

The rise is apparently inspired by the cheeky exploits of the royal, according to the pregnancy and parenting website BabyCentre, which compiled the list.

"Whether it was celebrating the jubilee, supporting Britain's Olympians or having fun in Las Vegas, we've seen a lot of Prince Harry this year," the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for BabyCentre as saying.

"And parents don't appear to be tiring of the name Harry. It's climbed two places this year to take the number one boys' name spot," the spokesman stated.

Pregnancy of The Duchess of Cambridge seems to have done wonders for the name Catherine, as it has soared 21 places since last year.

Meanwhile, Amelia has climbed ten places to head the list of girls' names, according to figures by parenting website BabyCentre.

Furthermore, Royal favourites Henry, Edward, Arthur, Andrew, Zara and Elizabeth all feature in the top 100.

Nine characters in the hit TV drama, Downton Abbey - Anna, Daisy, Sarah, Thomas, John, William, James, Violet and Matthew - also made it to the top 100.

The Top 100 list for 2012 was complied by BabyCentre from 8,400 of its members who gave birth this year. (ANI)