Harrison Barnes on mid-game Kings trade: 'I didn't know it was going to happen like that'

Harrison Barnes is shifting focus from his controversial mid-game trade from the Dallas Mavericks to his future with the Sacramento Kings.

Harrison Barnes is focusing on his future with the Sacramento Kings having been left surprised by the unusual manner in which he was traded from the Dallas Mavericks.

Barnes reportedly found out the Mavericks made a deal to send him to Sacramento in the middle of Dallas' game against the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday.

He was subbed out and remained on Dallas’ bench for a short time before heading back to the locker room after he was informed of the move.

The Mavericks' decision to inform Barnes of his trade mid-game was met with some criticism, including from LeBron James, who said in a rant on Instagram that he wants the “narrative” around player movement to change.

Barnes scored 12 points and tallied seven rebounds for the Kings in their 102-96 win over the Miami Heat on Friday, and he said of the trade: "I didn't know it was going to happen like that."

"In terms of how the trade went about, me knowing and finding out... you know there's a lot there.

"But I'm just happy to be here in Sacramento, and I think that's where my focus is now."