Harkirat Singh Paras sets foot in the Interior Hardware industry

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Harkirat Singh Paras sets foot in the Interior Hardware industry
Harkirat Singh Paras sets foot in the Interior Hardware industry

26 Jan 2021: Harkirat Singh Paras sets foot in the Interior Hardware industry

Harkirat Singh Paras, a Mechanical Engineer and renowned Business Tycoon in the Hardware and Interior industry, has tasted success with consistent hard work.

From being the Founder and Director of Gurparas Enterprise Private Limited to creating a National Brand, NBG's "Home & Gardens," he is planning to expand beyond the national boundaries now.

Journey: Paras commenced his entrepreneurial journey during college days

Featured by Miss Diva Universe, Adline Castelino, and Smile Train, a non-profit organization the inspiration behind his extraordinary work as an engineer, entrepreneur, and research scholar, Paras overcame his weakness to achieve the zenith of success.

However, Paras commenced his baby steps toward his entrepreneurial journey by shattering all his shyness and unleashing his full potential during his early college days.

Awards: Paras has earned recognition and received many awards

Paras was awarded the "Student of the Year 2016 Award" by the ISTE and emerged as a talented mechanical engineer.

He was recently recognized with the "Leading Digital Marketer of the Year Award," "Leading Hardware Brand of the Year 2020" title, and several other awards.

Paras is a true inspiration for millions of youngsters. His courage and never give up attitude is admirable.

Brand: Paras's brand is ready to establish its fanbase worldwide

With a vision to sprinkle the magic of sustainable development, his business is spreading wings with his brand products such as fasteners and LED products.

Paras's brand "Home & Gardens" has developed a popular fanbase in India and is ready to establish itself in different countries such as Australia, the USA, Canada, and Africa soon and inviting importers from all over the globe.

Fact: Consumers of 21st century are well-aware of different aspects: Paras

Paras believes, "Consumers of the 21st century are well-aware of different aspects such as pricing, quality, and sustainability. These factors drive the global market and augment sales exponentially. If any one of them is missing, not just your sales but the market gets impacted too."

Products: Products are designed and developed to be environment friendly

This brand has already gained a huge reputation and demand in India with its high-quality quotient. With the expansion to different nations, people from all around the world can access their supreme quality products at reasonable prices.

The best part is that the products are manufactured keeping in mind that there is no harmful effect on Mother Nature during or after the development process.

Fact: Company is looking for sales operations in top hardware markets

As per the recent updates, Gurparas Enterprise Private Limited, led by Paras is looking to establish its sales operations in top hardware markets in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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