Harish Salve on Godi media and COVID second wave | Frankly Speaking

On Frankly Speaking with Navika Kumar, in an exclusive interview with Former Solicitor General Harish Salve, who is also a senior advocate at the Supreme Court of India, Navika Kumar asks about the Godi media and talks about how the media is everyone's favourite whipping boy or girl. She also throws light on the notion that if you criticize the government, you will be labelled as siding the Opposition. Navika asks Salve about his opinion on the Godi-Modi media concept and also asks about the second COVID wave and its impact. Salve also shares his take on the lockdown restrictions imposed in many states. Listen in to their chat to know what Harish Salve has to say about this on Frankly Speaking. Tune in to know more about the latest news and breaking updates only on Times Now.