Harish Kolasani's Led National India Hub Is Currently A Major Help To India

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The National India Hub is the initiative of the National Council Of Asian Indian Association (NCAIA) and the NRI Seva Foundation that is working to implement community center in every city for people of Indian origin and others in the United States of America. The India Hub is already recognized for it’s selfless services through Vaccine drives, Telehealth support and emotional support in the United States. Under Harish Kolasani's leadership, the National India Hub has brought the effective community organizations and been working with various Government officials, corporates, student organizations, educational institutions, elected officials, healthcare bodies and volunteers with the aim to pool resources, legitimate information and support. The members of the India Hub have successfully helped and supported many people of Indian origin with healthcare, lodging and travel during the 1st wave of COVID-19 in the U.S. Not just that, the organization is also working on ensuring that the community members have access to job development skills and other employment opportunities. Within few months, the National India Hub has become a safe space for Indians in the United States to rely on.

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During the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic in India, the National India Hub has been continually providing all sorts of medical and healthcare related help to India. There has been an acute shortage of oxygen and related equipment in the country. India Hub is presently in the process of sending $1.6 million worth of oxygen concentrators, ventilators, medicines and PPE kits from the United States to India. Through the consistent efforts of Harish Kolasani along with Dr. Shekhar Mishra, Vinesh Virani and other members, hundred and six ventilators and four hundred and fifty concentrators have already been sent to India. The Hub has effectively referred and connected to various hospitals, doctors, lab owners and other people working in healthcare and managed to obtain their support. Apart from this, large scale vaccine drives are also being regularly conducted by the organization in the US.

Harish Kolasani said, "The Hub has always laid focus on protecting and giving unconditional support to people of Indian origin. The NRI Seva Foundation, which the India Hub is an initiative of, has been carrying out various help and support programs of Food Drives, Last Journey Vehicles, Ambulance, etc. in India. Naturally, it becomes India Hub's responsibility and duty to do everything it can to contribute to India's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic."

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