Hardeep Puri dismisses the Modi Mahal criticism on Central Vista Project | Frankly Speaking

On Frankly Speaking with Navika Kumar, Mr Hardeep Puri, a senior civil servant during the UPA, speaks about what UPA does with impunity on which he hasn’t spoken. He begins to share the story by stating that the entire vocabulary is out in the public domain. He requests Navika seeking that he should not be made to repeat all those petty and immature incidents. Further on, he cites a young congress leader (referring to Rahul Gandhi) who tore up an ordinance in the parliament. He states that when you attack a government without reason, the past will haunt you. Mr Puri explains that the stakeholder consultation has been held with parliamentarians and civil society, but endless because people are trying to settle their personal scores. He also criticises the superstition over parliament allegations and Modi mahal claims.