‘Work Hard to Live Long,’ Says World’s Oldest Woman Violet Brown

Violet Brown spent much of her life cutting sugarcane in the fields around her home in western Jamaica. She attended church regularly, avoids pork and chicken and celebrated her 117th birthday last month.

She is believed to have become the world's oldest living person following the death of Emma Morano of Italy, born on November 29, 1899. Super-centenarian Brown was born on 10 March 1900 in Jamaica. Brown was born when Jamaica was a part of the British Empire and is the last living former subject of Queen Victoria.

Brown is considered to be the oldest person in the world with credible birth documentation, according to Robert Young, director of the supercentenarian research and database division at Gerontology Research Group, a network of volunteer researchers into the world's oldest living people.

(With inputs from AP)

Video Editor: Ashutosh Bhardwaj