Harbhajan Singh Lights Up Lockdown With Heartfelt 'Rab De Rang' Recitation

Veteran Team India spinner Harbhajan Singh is spending quality time with family during the lockdown. The 39-year-old recently shared a thought-provoking message on Instagram.

Harbhajan filmed himself reciting a beautiful poem, penned by Punjabi musical artist Hakam Bhaktriwala. The poem that focuses on the fact that nature makes the last call is titled as Rab De Rang.

“RAB DE RANG. Written by Haakam Bhaktriwala… Director @geetabasra,” Harbhajan wrote alongside the video.

The clip opens to the cricketer reciting verses, speaking to the almighty in first person.

He says, “Where are you (God) writing all this from? All the vehicles –buses, trains and ships are parked indefinitely. Birds are happy as they are able to breathe under a pollution-free sky… Today, you have reinforced your shovels and you decide who benefits and who loses out of this. The almighty is one and you have pronounced it today again.”

The poem is trying to assert that regardless of sentiments, humans stand no chance against nature’s force. The coronavirus pandemic that is having a global impact of a kind has to be taken with a similar consideration.

Through his video, Harbhajan talks about the situations and consequences brought about by the novel coronavirus outbreak. The video aptly depicts the moods and emotions of humans in the current times.