Happy Vishu 2017: Best SMS, WhatsApp messages, greetings to share with friends and family

Sushmita Sen
Happy Vishu

Keralites across the globe are set to celebrate the Hindu New Year, which is called Vishu in Malayalam, on April 14. This day, which marks the harvest festival, will be rejoiced with different names in different states.

The Bengali New Year is known as Poila Boisakh or Pohela Boishakh, the Tamil New Year is Puthandu and the Assamese New Year is Bohag Bihu.

The day of Vishu begins with Vishukkani, which means things that are seen first in the morning. According to the tradition, if a person sees joyful things as kani on Vishu day, the year will be filled with good experiences.

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The most important tradition of Vishu is the grand sadya (feast) served like the sumptuous lunch during Onam festival.

Vishu, Sadya

Apart from celebrating Vishu with food and other rituals, let's wish friends and family with Vishu greetings and messages. Take a look at a few wishes, SMS and WhatsApp greetings here:

May you be able to handle the ups and downs that you come across in life. Happy Vishu 2016.

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Wishing you a blissful, bright, delightful, energetic, healthy, great, prosperous and extremely happy Vishu.

From Vishukkani to Vishu Sadya, may you be able to enjoy the special moments of the festival with your family. Happy Vishu.

May Lord Krishna bring peace to your home and heart now and always. Happy Vishu.

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Let's welcome Vishu with new hope at heart and with great enthusiasm, anticipation and eagerness.

Orupidi konnapoovum
Vishu kaniyum
Vishu kaineetavumayi
Veendum Meda masam pularunu
Samrithiyudeyum santhoshathinteyum
snehathinteyum pradekamaya
oru vishu koodim.
ellavarkkum ente vishu 2017 ashamsakal

Orayiram kanikonnakal manasil pookaan, oru Vishu kaalam koodi vannirikunnu, Ee varsham nallath mathram sambavikatte ennu aashamsichukond, Orayiram Vishu asamsakal

Ormakal koodu kootiya manasinte thalir chillayil, Ponnin niramulla orayiram ormakalumayi, Oru Vishu kaalam koodi varavayi. Snehathode orayiram Vishu Asamsakal nerunnu

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