Happy Mother’s Day! Woman Delivers Baby Girl on a Running Train in Assam, Netizens in Sheer Joy (Watch Video)

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The world is captivated in the joyous celebration of motherhood. While, everyone on social media, is sharing their favourite time with their mothers, a Facebook post of a young girl, a medical student, from Assam, has delighted the netizens, even more. It narrates the recent incident of a woman in labour, who delivered her baby girl inside a running train, with the help of medical students. The beautiful pictures and video capturing the magical moment, has widely gone viral in Assam, with local media outlets headlining the same. Netizens are in sheer joy! Woman Delivers Baby at One-Rupee Clinic at Railway Station After Getting Labour Pain on Board Local Train. 

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Northeast Now, identified the newly parents, belonging from Sobuje Village in Daotohazar in Maibang, sub-division of Dima Hasao district, Assam. On Friday morning, May 10, the couple boarded the Silchar-Guwahati fast passenger train. As the journey began, the woman developed intense labour pain. Without wasting any time, the medical students, who overheard passengers talking about her being in labour, gathered with the minimal equipment they had. Soon after, the woman gave birth to a baby girl and the magical moment was captured by the medical students themselves.

Watch Video: Woman Delivers Baby Girl on a Running Train

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As mentioned in the same report, the woman boarded the train at the stage to get herself admitted to Haflong Civil Hospital, which is about 35 km from her residence. Primary health centres exist in the village, but one cannot even find a qualified pharmacist to refer to medications. With very minimal qualified doctors, localities are forced to travel to the town for better medical facilities. After the train halted in Haflong, the woman along with her newborn baby was examined by doctors at Haflong Civil Hospital. Both the baby and her mother are reportedly in good health.