'Happy that Hindu hatred is out there in open now': Twitter reacts on poster at Shaheen Bagh

BJP leader Sambit Patra took to Twitter on Thursday to criticize a poster seen at an anti-Citizenship Amendment Bill protest at Shaheen Baug in Delhi.

Sambit Patra wrote, "'Hum Dekhenge' (We will see)...So this is what Shaheen Bagh wants to see in the name of the protests against CAA. A wastage of the holy Hindu symbol. A mockery of "holy swastika"? Ofcourse they were one in the JNU who shouted 'Until's India is destroyed, war will remain, war will remain' Wake up before its too late."

Twitter users soon pointed out that the "Swastika" symbol from the poster was in fact the symbol of German dictator Hitler's Nazi party.

However, Twitterati continued to slam the Shaheen Baug protests. "Happy that the Hindu hatred is out there in the open now. No more Taquiyya. It’s naked Hindu Hatred now," wrote author Shefali Vaidya.

"This is how Genocide of #Kashmir began. With offending posters. Never forget. Defeat Neo-Islamist invasion of India," filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri tweeted.

Here is how Twitter reacted:

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