Happy Daughters Day 2018: Best messages, wishes, quotes to share with your daughter

Madhuri Adnal

New Delhi, Sep 23: Daughter's day is a day to celebrate the gift of daughters. Dads and moms have different, but very special relationships with their daughters. Daughter's day is a day to cherish daughters. India is celebrating National Daughter's Day 2018 on September 23.

The initial reason for creating National or International Daughters Day was to erase the stigma in some countries attached to having a girl instead of a boy child.

Here are some of the best messages, wishes, quotes to share with your daughter:

  • A Daughter Is the Happy Memories of the Past, the Joyful Moments of the Present, and the Hope and Promise of the Future.
  • Honor Your Daughters. They Are Honourable.
  • A Daughter Is the Most Beautiful Gifts This World Has to Give.
  • To a Father Growing Old Nothing Is Dearer Than a Daughter.
  • "You may be all grown up now, but you will always be a little girl to me. The only difference is that my love for you now is so much stronger, deeper, and bigger!" Happy Daughter's Day 2018.
  • You are my strength on the difficult days. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter. I love you.
  • You motivate me to be an awesome mother. Even if we don't always get along, the love will never be gone from our hearts. That's just how it's going to be
  • You will never truly understand how much a parent can love a daughter until you become a parent yourself. I love you, sweetheart!" Happy Daughter's Day 2018

Happy Daughter's Day 2018!

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