Happy Birthday Steve Waugh: 7 Interesting Facts About Former Australian Captain As he Turns 55

Dhairya Ingle

Born on June 2, 1965, in New South Wales, Steve Waugh has been one of the best batsmen produced by Australian cricket. Not only with his batting but also with his Test captaincy record of 72 per cent, Stephen Rodger Waugh is considered to be one of the most successful skippers. Apart from this, Waugh is also known for his philanthropic work. On his birthday, let’s have a look at seven interesting facts about the former Australian captain as he turns 55. Shane Warne Calls Steve Waugh ‘Most Selfish Cricketer’ Over Former Australian Captain’s Run-Out Record (View Tweet).

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  • Steve is the twin brother of Mark Waugh and had arrived four minutes before the latter.
  • Steve and Mark Waugh went on to become the first twin pair to play Test cricket.
  • In the 1990-91 Ashes in Australia Steve was dropped from the Test team for his brother Mark.
  • With 41 matches won and only 9 matches lost with a winning ratio of 72, Waugh is considered to be one of the most successful captains produced by Australia.
  • In 2003 a journalist had described Steve Waugh as a "cold-blooded, scientific" leader who wanted to defeat you personally.
  • Waugh has been included in a list of one hundred Australian Living Treasures by the National Trust of Australia, awarded the Order of Australia and the Australian Sports Medal.
  • In a fan poll conducted by the CA in 2017, he was named in the country's best Ashes XI in the last 40 years.So that's all we have for now if you think that we have missed out on any more interesting facts, feel free to leave your comment in the Comments section and the entire team of LatestLY.com wishes Steve Waugh a very Happy Birthday.