Happy Birthday Neil Patrick Harris: Five Awesome Dating Tips from the How I Met Your Mother Star


Neil Patrick Harris is celebrating his birthday today, hopefully with some magic, music and movies. The 46-year-old actor, who was nominated for the Emmys, a cumulative of four times, for How I Met Your Mother, has come a long way since 2005, which is when the legend (wait-for-it-dary) character of Barney Stinson came to spotlight and made a permanent place in our hearts. HIMYM falls somewhere in the middle of the contemporary list of sitcoms that have the warmth of friendship and chemistry between people at the core. It found its place in real life and Stinson was a comic sidekick, who inevitably steals the show.

Stinson's hit streak and in turn the show's popularity could only be achieved through true acting potential and a little bit of crazy awesomeness that TV medium is famous for. NPH became the mascot for the show while his popularity as Stinson also grew in leaps and bounds. Whether someone finds this funny or not is one thing, but Stinson was too uncharacteristic a commentary on the relationship dynamic of our times -- man and self, man and woman and other sexes -- to be ignored. The fact that he was self aware and funny about it made a charm factory out of NPH and he became the unfunny nonsense that people find completely satisfying.

For a man who experienced it all - marriage, divorce, relationships - we have tried to compile a list of dating advice from NPH's Stinson in case he couldn't be clear enough on the show.

Take Abrupt Turns

Barney met different women throughout the show and ended up having different equations with them each time. In the long run, even though he was unsure of what he wanted, and coming to terms with that is the mainstay of the show, one thing that he teaches us through his ways is that adjustment and adaptation are two important rules of dating. We are not talking about marriage here.


Take Good Photos

Look as awesome as possible and take photos like you mean it. Twist the rules of reality in your favour. When dating online, appearance through photos is a must. The fact that Barney cannot take a bad photograph increases his chances to meet people online and impress them than the ones who don't always strike a pose for a photo. Be a funny, good-looking charmer and look like one in your phone images, too.

barney stinson character sketch New almurphy317 Photograph

Accept the Challenge

This one might mean different for people, but accept any and every challenge and change for the better. Your response to something impossible should be hearty and earnest, and try to inculcate qualities that make you a standout character. Make dedicated changes and be in better shape and tone.


Sophistication and Suits

The art of alluring the opposite gender lies also in looking fine. And wearing suits is one way of doing that. A little effort in dressing up goes a long way. Be extremely attractive and dress comfortably. Believe you are a really nice, good guy/girl at the core and honour that. Have regard and empathy for others.


Don't Be Obsessed

Obsession with someone may land you in trouble. We have arrived at this conclusion through NPH's film Gone Girl, in which he is murdered by a crazy woman, played by Rosamund Pike. NPH's character harbours uncontrollable emotions for a woman he cannot have and that leads to his downfall. So, never invest more than you expect in return.


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