Happy Birthday Joaquin Phoenix: 5 Top Performances By the Oscar Winner

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Joaquin Phoenix is one of the very few actors who can completely lose themselves into the character they are playing and travel far and wide inside their psyche to mould themselves. The Hollywood actor was given the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in Joker this year but his performances over the years have been such that people have been wondering how he did not have an Academy Award already.

On the actor’s 46th birthday, here are some of his best films:

Walk the Line

Director and co-writer James Mangold created this 2005 film that saw Joaquin prove himself as a versatile actor for the first time. The musical biopic starred Joaquin with Reese Witherspoon and managed to create Oscar buzz. Both the leads were nominated for Academy Awards with Reese bagging the award as well.


Reaching great scales to emote the feelings of Theodore, Joaquin portrays the character with delicacy and care. The hero is not heroic at all and instead immensely relatable who strives for love. This desperation leads him to fall for an AI.

The Master

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, The Master again gives Joaquin the chance to play a character who is both intense as well as vulnerable and as expected Joaquin nails the execution. The psychological drama also starred Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams.


At once menacingly frightening as the villain and admirable as a promising actor, Joaquin’s portrayal of the traitorous Commodus deserves a special place in Ridley Scott’s Oscar-winning epic movie. The chemistry of the actor with Russel Crowe’s Maximus was such that the scenes induced goosebumps. The role also earned Joaquin his first Oscar nomination.


Last but certainly not least, Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the DC supervillain in the Todd Phillips directorial won audiences all over. Joaquin lost a lot of weight to bring the Clown Prince of Crime to life. From dealing with tremendous lows to finally losing his sanity, Joaquin makes the audience go through a plethora of emotions.

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