'Happiest I Felt in Months': Twitter User Shares Touching Tale of a Humble Flute Seller

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The lockdowns because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the second wave has again forced us back inside our homes. While it’s necessary to break the chain, the situation has caused mental fatigue and we are looking for things that would give us hope. A ‘baansuri wala' became this window of light and happiness for a journalist who shared the episode with the world on Twitter. She narrated the story of a flute-seller who would cross her locality every day for the past three weeks, but this time he stopped. He noticed the gloomy silence on the street because of the lockdown and decided to play tunes on his flute.

His music turned the "eerie silence into magic" and the journalist decided to buy one flute from him. She describes the feeling as the "happiest she has felt in months". A picture of the man was shared along with the post.

The heartwarming story evoked a lot of reactions from people on the internet. While some lauded the beautiful gesture and story, many pointed towards the need of helping such small vendors who have been struggling because of the pandemic.

Even industrialist Harsh Goenka replied to the tweet.

While we deal with this health crisis, there are many for whom COVID-19 has created a crisis of livelihood. Street vendors and small sellers are finding it difficult to make ends meet due to lockdowns and restrictions across the country. With days and months of lockdowns, these small vendors are left with no money and their struggle is not just about saving themselves from the deadly coronavirus but also managing food for their family's survival.

While we have different NGOs and government authorities working to provide them help, common people joining hands can make a difference.

Coming back to the flute-seller, one thing is certain, his story will admire his spirit. Something we all need in these harsh times.

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