What Happens If You Don't Renew Your Antivirus Software?

Did you just ignore pop up on your laptop or computer screen shouting "your antivirus software licensed has been expired"? If yes then you could be at high risk of new cyber dangers. Using expired antivirus software can open doors to a wider world of internet dangers. So, if the expiry date of your online security software is near or has already expired, you need to either renew its license or install a new antivirus software.
You are watching NYK, and we bring you a list of reasons why you should not be using an expired security solution.

1) New cyber threats & dangers are evolving quickly

Today cyber criminals are developing new ideas to steal user's data & breach their privacy. With advanced tools & techniques they are now creating powerful viruses, malware and other security threats. If you are using expired antivirus software, renewing its license is usually the best way to go.

2) You could infect others

The online security is not only important for you, but there are also other digital uers involved as well. If your device is detected with a virus, it could not only attack you but it can easily jump to other devices via email, removable devices, etc. Just imagine the loss others could bear because of the expired software. Always keep your software as well as devices up-to-date.

3) Valuable information could be at risk

This one could be a big concern for all online users. Using an expired antivirus solution helps online attackers to hack into users' devices and steal all your data and files. So, if you have stored any sensitive, personal, or professional data in your device, it's recommended to make sure that you renew the software license or buy install a new antivirus solution as soon as possible.

So all these solid reasons conclude that using an out-dated antivirus can do no good to you.