Hanuman Jayanti 2017: Date, Muhurat Timings, Special Pooja Vidhi and Maha Sanyog for Hanuman Jayanti


Hanuman Jayanti 2017 will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 11. According to priests and astrologers, this year’s Hanuman Jayanti is especially important and holds far greater significance than all the other years. The priests are maintaining that this special significance is occurring after 120 years and the next Maha Sanyog will be in 2021 and hence Hanuman Jayanti 2017 is of utmost importance. This year, devotees will be able to gain maximum blessings from Lord Hanuman with little penance. On Tuesday, April 11, the Sanyog will be the same as that of Lord Hanuman’s birth during Tretayug. This time the Tithi, Day and Nakshatra will be the same as when the actual birth of Lord Hanuman was recorded in the Shastras! This unique confluence of the three entities will be seen after 120 years and that is why Hanuman Jayanti 2017 is more special.

Each year, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day during Chaitra month. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Hanuman – the Vanara God who played an important part in Ramayana and is a devotee of Lord Rama. Although there are more days that Hanuman Jayanti is followed during the year according to the beliefs and customs of different regions, Hanuman Jayanti during the Chaitra Purnima is the most significant one in north Indian states. Hanuman Jayanti 2017 is especially beneficial for people who have some Sade-Saati in their horoscope that is seven-and-a-half years of a difficult period. Thus, people whose horoscopes are influenced by the adverse effects of Shani or Saturn will benefit by praying to Lord Hanuman on Hanuman Jayanti 2017. Scroll down for the Muhurat Timings of Hanuman Jayanti 2017.

The Muhurat Timings for Hanuman Jayanti 2017 Puja are as follows:

Purnima Tithi Begins = 10:22 on 10th April, 2017
Purnima Tithi Ends = 11:37 on 11th April, 2017.

How to perform Puja on Hanuman Jayanti:

Here are the steps to perform Puja on Hanuman Jayanti. On Tuesday, April 11, go to a Hanuman Mandir or temple and read the Hanuman Chalisa and shlokas related to Lord Hanuman. Offer flowers and garland Lord Hanuman’s idol with roses. This is one of the easiest ways of appeasing the Lord. Light a diya of ghee and pour mustard oil on the idol of Lord Hanuman and sing bhajans glorifying Lord Hanuman.

Financial issue correction

If you are facing financial issues, then on Hanuman Jayanti 2017, you could offer 11 leaves of the Peepal tree (Scared Fig tree leaves) to Lord Hanuman. Ensure that the words ‘Shree Ram’ are written on the leaves; Lord Hanuman being an ardent devotee of Lord Rama.

Lord Hanuman was an integral part of Ramayana and he was the one who discovered Sita in Akshok Vana when she was abducted and held captive in King Ravana’s Lanka. He was also the one who brought the Sanjivani Booti to revive and heal Lord Lakshmana during the battle between Lord Rama and the demon king Ravana. Lord Hanuman is known as the biggest devotee of Lord Rama and his place is integral and important in Hindu mythology. He is also much loved by children as Pawan Sut and Hanuman.