"Hangover Helpers" to clean up post-party houses!

Colorado, Nov 29 (ANI): A couple of graduates from the University of Colorado have started a business called the "Hangover Helpers", which cleans houses after parties and also delivers breakfast for 15 dollars per roommate.

CU graduates Alex Vere-Nicoll and Marc Simons, who are co-founders of the business, have been marketing their new business on the Boulder campus this month.

Simons, who majored in psychology, informally started cleaning up post-party houses to make some extra cash about a year ago, and he discovered that with added tips, he had a lucrative business idea.

After returning from travels to Colombia, he connected with Vere-Nicoll, a high school buddy who graduated 2 and half years ago from CU's Leeds School of Business and was also having a tough time finding work.

Vere-Nicoll and Simons figured that instead of waiting for job offers, they'd launch their own company in a college town where the demand for hangover cures is high.

They expect their business, which is an appointment-based service, will take off during the spring semester, when parties pick up.

"I foresee a lot of middle-of-the night calls," Boulder Daily Camera quoted Vere-Nicoll as saying.

Vere-Nicoll and Simons say they partied their fair share when they attended CU, and that there are a lot of people who feel too lazy to clean up their house after a party. (ANI)