Hand Sanitizers Highly Inflammable, Don't Use Near Fire, Advises Doctor as Man Admitted With Burn Injuries After Using Alcohol-Based Liquid Near Cooking Gas

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New Delhi, March 30: Hand sanitizers contain highly inflammable contents and should not be used near a fire, said Dr Mahesh Mangal, Chairman of Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, on Monday. His warning came after a 44-year-old man suffered burn injuries after using hand sanitizer near a gas stove. The condition of the patient, who hails from Haryana's Rewari, is said to be stable. Coronavirus Outbreak Live News Updates on March 30.

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The man was admitted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on Sunday with 35 percent burn injuries. He got injured after a fire broke out when he spilt hand sanitiser on his clothes while standing close to cooking gas. "High ethyl alcohol content upto 62% in hand sanitizers makes it highly inflammable. Don't use sanitizers near fire or heating place. It should be used in sufficient quantity and allowed to dry," Dr Mahesh Mangal told news agency ANI. Coronavirus Death Toll in India Rises to 34 After 80-Year-Old COVID-19 Patient Dies At Hospital in Mumbai.

Delhi Doctor on Hand Sanitizers:

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The demands for hand sanitizers have risen sharply in the country following the outbreak of coronavirus, which has claimed 34 lives so far. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, there are 942 active cases in the country. At least 99 people recovered and have been discharged.