Hand of God, Goliath and other Amazon original shows to watch right now

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Last year, Netflix had acknowledged Amazon Prime Video as one of its global competitors, partly thanks to the latter's amazing original shows that are as good as its licensed ones. If you are wondering what to watch next, here are five shows that shouldn't be missed.

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Sneaky Pete – The show has Bryan Cranston as bad guy Vick, who is out to get Marius (Giovani Ribisi). Because Marius owes Vick $100,000, he hides out in a small Connecticut town posing as his prison cellmate, Pete. But Pete's family is a dysfunctional one that threatens to drag him into a world just as dangerous as the one he's trying to escape.

Hand Of God -- The story follows Pernell Harris (Ron Perlman), a corrupt judge who suffers a mental breakdown and starts believing that God was compelling him onto a path of vigilante justice. This will threaten his relationship with his wife and everything he holds dear.

Hand of God

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Goliath -- An old-school legal thriller that revolves around lawyer Billy McBride, who now spends more time in a bar than a courtroom. When he reluctantly agrees to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the biggest client of the massive law firm he helped create, Billy and his team land in a life or death trial against the ultimate Goliath.


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Fleabag -- Fleabag is a hilarious window into the mind of a dry-witted, sexual, angry and grief-riddled woman as she struggles to make a living in modern-day London.


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The Man In The High Castle -- This is an interesting glimpse into an alternate history of North America and how life would have shaped up if the Nazis had won the World War II. It is loosely based on Phillip K Dick's 1962 novel of the same name.

Man in the high castle

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