'Hand of God': Brazilian Nurses Use Gloves Filled with Warm Water to Create 'Human Touch' for Covid-19 Patients

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world alike. While the effect of the virus on the human body can be deadly, mental health issues and other social effects from it are also serious in nature. Since the coronavirus is so contagious, the recovery process from it involves complete physical isolation making it more difficult for the patients. In a bid to comfort isolated COVID-19 patient, nurses have come with the idea to mimic the ‘human touch’. This invention by the Brazilian nurses is made up of two disposable gloves tied to each other and filled with hot water.

Now, the picture of this ‘human touch’ idea has gone viral on the internet. Journalist Sadiq Bhat of the Gulf News tweeted the picture and termed the idea as ‘The Hand of God’. He also saluted the front-line workers who have been at constant risk during this battle against the Coronavirus and added that the picture was a reminder of the ‘grim’ situation.

The picture has already got over 5k likes and over a thousand retweets. In their reaction to the tweet, many users praised the nurses for this noble idea. The coronavirus pandemic is seeing a resurgence in Brazil as the country reported over 4000 daily deaths by the virus, for the first time in 2021. There has been a constant rise in the number of deaths taking the number of totals death count to 3,37,000 now.

However, despite the rise in the number of cases and death, Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has ruled out any possibility of nationwide lockdown. Bolsonaro has often been criticized for his approach in handling the pandemic. India too is witnessing the second wave of the Coronavirus and is reporting over 1 lakh daily cases already. Yesterday, 1.31 lakh new cases were reported, which includes 56, 286 cases from Maharashtra alone.

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