'What Is Your Hand to Boob Ratio?' Trends on Twitter with Netizens Sharing NSFW Photos of Their Breasts

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Quarantine time has people thinking way too much! While some people are joking about legit counting all "tunkas" and "tuns" in the song Tunak, Tunak, Tunkak Tun Tarara some of us are using this self-distancing for good. However, this one trend we saw catch up today in the morning has women check their hand boob ratio. Yes, ever wondered how small or big is your hand for your boobs? Nope? Not us either! But this Twitter trend CoorsLightCowboy, Twitter handle @discotits69 has got Twitter thinking! So if you still don't understand this trend, here's what it is all about. Selena Gomez Takes Up The Safe Hands Challenge, Nominates Cardi B, Gigi Hadid and Olivia Wilde To Do The Same! (Watch Video). 

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So you just check how big or small your hand is when compared to your breasts. As in, the how big or small if the ratio between your hands and boobs. The trend seem weird at first, but you slowly kinds want to know what exactly your boob-hand ratio is. Also, if men involve in this trend too, it is going to be hilarious AF! So some of the men did try it out and we legit cannot stop laughing. We don't know if it is the self-isolation period triggering the trend or not but it is super hilarious and in some cases, you get to see more that what you want. LOL. Let's check out! So Here's The Tweet That Started off the Trend and Its Caption Reads: "What’s everyone’s hand to boob ratio? This is mine". COVID-19 Pandemic: Deepika Padukone Shows How To Wash Hands, Extends WHO's Safe Hands Challenge To Roger Federer, Christiano Ronaldo And Virat Kohli (Watch Video).

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