What’s In a Hamper? Karan Johar Finally Reveals on KWK’s Last Ep

The ‘Koffee With Karan’ gift hamper is quite the celebrity itself.

Every season of Koffee With Karan leaves us with tons of gossip, but one unanswered questions- what’s in that hamper? Karan Johar finally reveals what makes the coveted hamper so irresistible. It’s a long list, here goes-

1. Brownies

2. The yellow Koffee With Karan coffee mug

3. Gouri health bars

4. Levitating Orbital speakers from Merlin

5. Roasted coffee from Blue Tokai

6. A French press

7. Luxury chocolates from Nordic

8. A refreshing facial paste from Forrest Essentials

9. A gift voucher from Kohler (luxury bathroom fittings) worth Rs 5 lakh

10. Nilofer Qureshi’s personalised health jars

11. Some more fancy chocolate

12. Champagne

13. Chocolate cookies

14. A metal cheese platter from The Label Life

Ah, so now we know what all that madness was about. The Koffee With Karan hamper sounds like a celebrity itself. We wonder what Karan’s going to add to it in the show’s next season, if that’s in the pipeline.