Hamilton sounded off a little bit - Ecclestone sure he'll clear the air with F1 champ

Bernie Ecclestone is sure he will clear the air with Lewis Hamilton over controversial remarks made by Formula One's ex-supremo, even if he felt the world champion "sounded off a little bit maybe without thinking".

Hamilton called out comments made by Ecclestone in a CNN interview this week in which he suggested there were "lots of cases" where black people were more racist than white people, and said in F1 he doubted whether there was "any concern" about the issue as a whole.

F1 issued a statement condemning the remarks, which were branded "ignorant and uneducated" by Hamilton.

Ecclestone later attempted to clarify his comments to The Mail on Sunday, saying "I was not against anyone who was black" and "it's not my fault I'm white".

In an interview with GPFans.com, Ecclestone was asked if he had any regrets over the remarks to CNN, to which he replied: "The only real regret, I suppose, is that I didn't make myself clearer about some black people also being racist.

"There's no doubt about it they've probably good reason to be. I don't know why black people are singled out at times. There's a reason for it and I don't know what it is.

"The remark I made, I'm sorry it wasn't taken in the way I was meaning it to be taken."

Ecclestone is sure he will speak with Hamilton again, adding: "I'm sure we will. I'm absolutely sure we will.

"He sort of sounded off a little bit maybe without thinking, and he might have been in a mood where he thought he ought to say something."

Hamilton has set up a commission to increase diversity in motorsport, while F1 announced on Thursday the details of a new task force and foundation with the same aim.