Hamid Ansari visits world's tallest dam in Tajikistan

Nurek, Khatlon (Tajikistan), Apr 17 (ANI): Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari visited Nurek Dam, regarded as the tallest in the world, in the course of his four-day goodwill visit to Tajikistan on Tuesday.

Ansari was accompanied by his wife Salma and members of his official delegation.

Apart from the gigantic dam, he also saw the Nurek Hydroelectric station in Khatlon province.

The Nurek Dam is a man-made embankment on a deep gorge along the River Vakhsh. It took 19 years to construct the dam. Its construction was completed in 1980, when Tajikistan was still a republic within the then Soviet Union.

The dam is 300 meters wide and 984 feet high. It contains nine Francis turbines that are used for the generation of electricity.

Traditional dance performances by local artistes in colourful attires greeted the Indian Vice President and his entourage.

A grand feast of local delicacies was also arranged by the residents of Nurek village to the guests from India.

Earlier, on Monday, Ansari said India is committed to develop strategic partnership between New Delhi and Dushanbe (capital of Tajikistan), and had discussed about cooperation on security issues and countering cross-border militancy with Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon.

Relations between India and Tajikistan have traditionally been cordial and close. During the last state visit of the Rahmon to India in 2012, both countries elevated their bilateral relationship to the level of strategic partnership.

The two nations continue to work together for peace, prosperity and security. Tajikistan is one of India's close partners in the international arena. (ANI)