Hallmark Is Giving Away Free Cards to Help You Connect With Loved Ones Amid Coronavirus

Amanda Garrity
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Now more than ever, we all need to lean on our family and friends for love and support. In an effort to make our lives brighter during this trying time, Hallmark Cards is encouraging people to connect with loved ones near and far with an unprecedented card giveaway.

From now until supplies last, anyone in the U.S. can visit Hallmark’s "Care Enough" website to sign up for a free pack of three cards, which include cheery sayings like "I Believe In You and Unicorns," "Here for You, Here for Everything," and "There's a Surprising Amount of Love in This Folded Piece of Paper." There are no additional requirements: Simply type your name and address, and the cards will be shipped ASAP.

The rest is up to you: Write well wishes to friends and family, check in on your older relatives, or take this moment to teach your kids about how impactful small acts of kindness can be. If you opt for the latter, fill the cards with encouraging messages to seniors, heath care workers, teachers, local businesses, or any front-line workers working to make your life safer, healthier, and happier.

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After temporarily closing a number of their operations facilities and some Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide, this card giveaway seemed like an obvious next step. Why? Because "lending a hand to help others connect is part of our DNA," says Lindsey Roy, CMO of Hallmark. "During a time of unprecedented social distancing, we hope these cards will be shared across neighborhoods, towns and the country to help lift spirits."

To Hallmark (and so many around the world), a handwritten card is "a paper hug" — and really, that's just what everyone needs right about now. So, sign up now and spread the love.

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