Halle Berry’s New Puppy Is So Cute You May Squee

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Halle Berry, pictured earlier this month at VH1’s Dear Mama event, has a new baby: a puppy named Jackson. (Photo: Getty Images/Halle Berry via Instagram)

Halle Berry and her kids have a new four-legged friend.

Two weeks after they put their cherished cat, Playdough, to sleep due to illness, the actress, 50, updated her social media followers that they got a new dog. And while adorable little Jackson, who is so perfect that he looks like a stuffed animal, won’t replace ol’ Playdough, Berry says their hearts are a little fuller with his arrival.

“Introducing… JACKSON!” the X-Men star wrote on Wednesday. “While you can’t replace one animal with another, a new furry friend sure does bring joy and help ease the pain.”

Berry promised there will be many more photos of the sweet little pup, ending her post with, “Get ready for #livinglikejackson!”

The mom of two shared on May 11 that they had to put down their cat, who was battling brain cancer. Her 3-year-old son, Maceo, was especially close to the 16-year-old feline.

“Every morning they had b’fast together,” Halle wrote along with the sweetest pic of Maceo kissing the cat with the star looking on. “Playdough his kibble and Maceo his Cheerios… Side by side… On the floor together. The bond my kids shared with Playdough was unique and special and through it, they learned compassion and kindness and the importance of loving and caring for life’s sweetest creatures.”

And now they have a sweet new creature to care for — and we have pictures of Jackson to ooh and aah over. Everybody wins.

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