Half of all active Twitter users live in just five countries

Washington, Nov. 21 (ANI): Half of all Twitter's active users, who tweet at least once a month, live in just five countries: the U.S., Japan, Indonesia, the UK and Brazil.

Using data from PeerReach, online statistics portal Statista created a chart, which shows the 13 countries with the highest shares of monthly active tweeters.

According to PeerReach, active users are those who tweet at least once a month, whereas Twitter defines them as those who log in to the service.

Roughly 40 percent of Twitter's monthly active users actually don't tweet, and only log in, Mashable reports.

The largest share of monthly active users is in the U.S., with 24 percent.

Japan was at the second position with 9.30 percent users. Indonesia was at third with 6.5. percent, the U.K with 5.6 percent, and Brazil was at the fifth position with 4.3 percent users.

After the top 13 countries, users from every other country in the world represent the remaining 26 percent of monthly active Twitter users, the report added. (ANI)